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29 Feb
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Today is February 29th, a rare day… and for me, a special one. GAME-O-GAMI.com has been born on the leap day of a leap year. A post like this only comes around once every four years, so savor it!

So what is this website? It’s the home of GAME-O-GAMI, a new startup focused on developing games with the help of our community. We are working to bring you entertainment that will deliver hours upon hours of fun gameplay, wrapped up in original artwork that will make you do a double-take. This website is where you will be able to follow the progression and evolution of these game projects from concept to polish. Eventually, it’ll be one of the places where you will be able to buy them – for yourself, or for someone you know who needs a good time!

We would also like to see this website become a hub for creative people who like what we are doing and want to get involved. Over time, more social features will be added to encourage creative collaboration among our friends and fans. Personally, I have had the pleasure and honor of knowing and working with some truly gifted people throughout my life. Creators of all sorts, from artists and musicians, to actresses and directors, to game designers and computer programmers. These people have made a difference in my life because of their driven personalities, because of their compassion and loyalty, and because their talents have motivated me to never give up on being better at what I do.

You probably know a few people like that yourself, if not more than a few. Please tell them about GAME-O-GAMI and what we are trying to do. And if you don’t get it yet, please ask us.  🙂  We want to get to know you, so that we can make the games YOU want to play. And when you spread the word about us, that helps our community, and our games, get bigger and better. Welcome, thank you, and enjoy,

– David


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