What the community is saying about GDFR!What the community is saying about GDFR!What the community is saying about GDFR!What the community is saying about GDFR!What the community is saying about GDFR!What the community is saying about GDFR!What the community is saying about GDFR!What the community is saying about GDFR!What the community is saying about GDFR!
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"Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule!" by David Luis Sanhueza

First, a BIG thank you to everyone who has helped us move closer to our next funding goal, and to all the loyal supporters who have been promoting our cause however they can. We want to deliver this game to you at the highest possible quality we can, and that goal looks more and more attainable each day.

Second, we’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule! – from our play-testers, the gaming press, and around the ‘net. Here is a sample of the positive vibes that parents and gamers like you have been sending our way:

“It can actually be a very intense game, as you’re sitting there trying to figure out which cards to get rid of. I like the fact that it’s so small and portable, and yet packs a pretty powerful punch.” – Tom Vasel, The Dice Tower

“I really like the idea. A mechanic that uses rhyming, with charming images is… rather charming.” – Liam Coutts

“As a father of four precocious and incurably imaginative girls and the son of a retired elementary school teacher, I cannot overstate the relevance and importance of projects like this. Game designers, like so many others in creative fields, have a unique opportunity to spark young minds, and it’s delightful to see Mr. Sanhueza bend his talents toward this noble pursuit.” – J. Herschel Jeffrey

“I had the opportunity to playtest Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule! with four adult strategy gamers… it took about 30 seconds for them to be giggling like little girls. We played four games in a row and we’re eager to see the game when all of the art is complete.” – David MacKenzie, Clever Mojo Games

“This sounds amazing! I adore Mike’s art and I love playing games with my 8yo daughter who’s a big fan of fairies. Sign me up!” – Charles Sumner

“I cannot wait for this game! LOVE the art, and even more the concept/mechanics — as an elementary school teacher, this game seems ideal.” – gbreden

“As someone who is an avid gamer but married to someone who is not, I appreciate games that are light enough to appeal to my wife but have enough underneath to keep me interested. The simplicity of the rules and beautiful artwork draws in those who are not heavy gamers but underneath is an intriguing mind puzzle for the serious gamer. Throw in the educational value for my little girl and you have a game that has something for the whole family.” – Richard Sandberg

“It was obvious that the fairies appealed to my daughter. She was happy when she got another one and always tried not to lose them. Its a nice game, I like its simplicity and elegant mechanics.” – Greg Hjelstrom

“One of my favorite aspects of this game is the beautiful artwork which appeals to both boys and girls. The fanciful names add even more to the fun.”American Geek Mom

“This one is a fun game for kids (particularly those who like fairies and/or goblins), but it has some fun memory-based mechanics that can make it a good short game for adults as well. And if you love games with great illustrations, you should definitely check this out.” – Jonathan H. Liu, Wired GeekDad

“Wowed. That’s what I was… wowed. I sat down to play a rhyming game with cutesy art with the kids, and I ended up playing a reasonably in-depth strategy game.” – Randy Newnham, Growing Up Gamers

Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule! when it is at its best is like a good Pixar movie… The rhyming feature is just such a great gameplay aspect that I can just not praise enough. This is edu-tainment that adults can enjoy too.” – Ryan and Amanda Moses, He says, She says

GDFR does a great job of satisfying both our inner children and our inner gamers. Aside from the gameplay, the game is almost worth its price alone as an art piece.” – Chris Kirkman, Dice Hate Me

You can try the game out for yourself with this FREE Print-and-Play Edition. The download includes the full game using sample art, resized to fit standard playing cards, and contains the latest version of the rulebook. Enjoy!

For a quick look at how the game is played, watch this video recorded by Chris and Cherilyn Kirkman from Game Salute:

We’d love to hear YOUR feedback too. If you have taken the time to assemble the print-and-play version and play GDFR! yourself, or if you are simply a fan of the art and game concept, your perspective is important. Thank you!

– David

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The "Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule!" Springboard campaign on KickstarterIt’s been a while since our last update on the blog. I have been very very busy, as you have probably been aware, because last week our first game project went live on the crowd-funding website Kickstarter. And man, the reception has been overwhelming!

It took us less than a week to reach our initial funding goal of $5,000, which is the amount we need to move forward with bringing this game into full production, onto store shelves, and into the homes and hearts of gamers young and old. A few days later, our supporters pushed us past our next goal of $8,000. As a result of reaching that stretch goal, everyone who orders a copy of the game on Kickstarter will receive fun little stickers featuring Goblin and Fairy characters from the game!

Concept render of the GDFR! stickersThe success of our campaign thus far is in no small thanks to the boost we have gotten from Game Salute’s Springboard team. They have been instrumental in setting up and conducting this fund-raising campaign, and the quality of the presentation is due to their talent and dedication. I would like to express a special thanks to Chris and Cherilyn Kirkman, and to Dan Yarrington, for their monumental efforts on behalf of GDFR!

The next stretch goal that we are trying to reach is $15,000 in funding. We are really excited about this one, because those extra funds will go back into the game. If we hit the $15k mark, then the packaging for GDFR! will be upgraded from a cardboard game box to a really cool collector’s tin box! So from this point on, the more people who back this game on Kickstarter, the better it will get for EVERYBODY.

Concept render of the GDFR! box

By pledging support for our project, you can get your own copy of Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule! and many great bonus rewards, depending on your pledge level. Some of these rewards include:
A GDFR! double-sided jigsaw puzzle, with goblin art on one side, and fairy art on the other
The Art of Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule! hardcover book, featuring large, full-color illustrations from the game
A PDF version of the Art Book, and exclusive desktop wallpapers
Original pencil sketches of goblin and fairy characters from the game, drawn and signed by artist Mike Maihack
Your name printed in the credits of the art book, the game rule book, or even on the game box (including an official title in the goblin or fairy court!)
Your own goblin or fairy nickname, given to you with a personal thank you from the creator, David Sanhueza

Concept render of "The Art of Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule!" hardcover bookIf you do not already have a Kickstarter account, you will be asked to create one when you pledge. You will then be taken to an Amazon Payments screen to finish the transaction (Kickstarter uses Amazon.com for their credit card processing, to make sure everything is secure.) If you have already ordered stuff on Amazon.com, then you should already be set up. The pledging process is quick and easy, taking less than 5 minutes. In case you have difficulties or questions, you can refer to the Backers FAQ on Kickstarter.

The Kickstarter project for Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule! will run until June 17th. So when you get a moment, check out the project link – and if you like it, tell your friends about it! We are an independent, grassroots-level game development studio, so no pledge amount or word-of-mouth recommendation is too big or too little. Every little bit counts! Thank you so much.

– David

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As our new game gets closer to its debut on Kickstarter, I wanted to show you all some sketches of soon-to-be-revealed goblins and fairies. With each new batch of characters, Mike creates sketches based on my written descriptions. The sketches are either approved right away, or sent back for some (usually minor) changes, before moving on to the full color versions. Can you guess the names of these four characters?

A sketch from "Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule!"A sketch from "Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule!" A sketch from "Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule!"A sketch from "Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule!"

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Powered by Game Salute Tabletop games distributor Game Salute is working with us to bring Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule! direct to you. Who is Game Salute? According to Dan Yarrington, Game Salute’s CEO, they are “a publishing ecosystem – a team of passionate, experienced gamers dedicated to working every day to make game companies and the industry overall more successful.” Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? I think so!

In addition to distribution and fulfillment services that get the game into stores and direct to customers, Game Salute will also be providing GAME-O-GAMI with support for conventions and tradeshows, customer service, and relationships with printers for our card game. The pool of experience, talent, and resources that Game Salute brings to the table makes them a powerful ally for tabletop game publishing. I strongly believe that this move will result in a better product, and will help GDFR! reach gamers around the globe.

One of the biggest benefits of this alliance is our combined efforts to offer Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule! on Kickstarter. We are leveraging the crowd-funding site to raise the money needed to complete this game and get it onto your game table. The more pre-release copies that we are able to sell through Kickstarter, the higher quality the final product will be.

The talented people at Game Salute have been playing an important part in the development and testing of GDFR! over the past month. I’m really happy to tell you that they are excited about this game too, and they are showing it by backing the Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule! Kickstarter campaign with their Springboard Seal of Quality. This means that they stand behind the high quality of design and craftsmanship that GAME-O-GAMI has put into this game. Like us, they know that this is going to be a very fun and beautiful game to play with your friends and family. Game Salute will be taking an active role in the Kickstarter campaign, and you will be getting a better game because of it.

The Kickstarter campaign is scheduled to launch on May 15th. More exciting news to come soon!

– David

The Springboard Seal of Quality

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