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Powered by Game Salute Tabletop games distributor Game Salute is working with us to bring Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule! direct to you. Who is Game Salute? According to Dan Yarrington, Game Salute’s CEO, they are “a publishing ecosystem – a team of passionate, experienced gamers dedicated to working every day to make game companies and the industry overall more successful.” Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? I think so!

In addition to distribution and fulfillment services that get the game into stores and direct to customers, Game Salute will also be providing GAME-O-GAMI with support for conventions and tradeshows, customer service, and relationships with printers for our card game. The pool of experience, talent, and resources that Game Salute brings to the table makes them a powerful ally for tabletop game publishing. I strongly believe that this move will result in a better product, and will help GDFR! reach gamers around the globe.

One of the biggest benefits of this alliance is our combined efforts to offer Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule! on Kickstarter. We are leveraging the crowd-funding site to raise the money needed to complete this game and get it onto your game table. The more pre-release copies that we are able to sell through Kickstarter, the higher quality the final product will be.

The talented people at Game Salute have been playing an important part in the development and testing of GDFR! over the past month. I’m really happy to tell you that they are excited about this game too, and they are showing it by backing the Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule! Kickstarter campaign with their Springboard Seal of Quality. This means that they stand behind the high quality of design and craftsmanship that GAME-O-GAMI has put into this game. Like us, they know that this is going to be a very fun and beautiful game to play with your friends and family. Game Salute will be taking an active role in the Kickstarter campaign, and you will be getting a better game because of it.

The Kickstarter campaign is scheduled to launch on May 15th. More exciting news to come soon!

– David

The Springboard Seal of Quality

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