#KickstarterHour – a weekly crowd-funding discussion on Twitter#KickstarterHour – a weekly crowd-funding discussion on Twitter#KickstarterHour – a weekly crowd-funding discussion on Twitter#KickstarterHour – a weekly crowd-funding discussion on Twitter#KickstarterHour – a weekly crowd-funding discussion on Twitter#KickstarterHour – a weekly crowd-funding discussion on Twitter#KickstarterHour – a weekly crowd-funding discussion on Twitter#KickstarterHour – a weekly crowd-funding discussion on Twitter#KickstarterHour – a weekly crowd-funding discussion on Twitter


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#KickstarterHour – a weekly crowd-funding discussion on Twitter

Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule

Our first game is out now! Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule! is a card game of rhyme and reason for kids of all ages. Click the link to find out more...

#KickstarterHour – a weekly crowd-funding discussion on Twitter


Immortal is a strategy game of warring mythologies. Wield the power of the gods in this epic game for 2-4 players, funded on Kickstarter!

#KickstarterHour – a weekly crowd-funding discussion on Twitter


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#KickstarterHour – a weekly crowd-funding discussion on Twitter

Blood of Rome

Blood of Rome is a board game of gothic horror in ancient Rome. Game-O-Gami's latest game pits Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, and Slayers against each other in a struggle for the soul of the empire!


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– David L. Sanhueza (@gameogami on Twitter)


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The Master Set for Immortal includes four factions (Pantheons) which the game’s various characters are divided into. Each of these factions represents the myths and legends of a particular world culture, and will have a distinct gameplay flavor all their own. The first of these four factions that we will be talking about is the Norse Pantheon!

Immortal - strategy card game - examples

Here we have character cards exhibiting the Norse Pantheon’s tendency for passive-aggressive abilities, depicted by the icons in the bottom-center of the cards. The Norse like to take a position and then hold it, punishing their opponents for attacking them.

Tyr has the Scar ability. Any card which attacks him, regardless of the outcome, will gain a permanent -1 penality to all four of its combat strengths after the attack is finished.

The Midgard Serpent has the Traitor ability. If it gets captured, the Midgard Serpent will be removed from the board and added to the hand of the player who captured it, to be used by him on a future turn. To compensate for having this disadvantageous ability, the Midgard Serpent has higher than normal strengths all around, making it one of the most powerful cards in the game, numerically.

The Valkyries have the Counter-Attack ability. If an attack against them fails, they will attack the offending card in retaliation. So if an opponent places a card with weaker strengths adjacent to the Valkyries, he stands to have his card captured by the Valkyries’ player at the end of that turn.

Immortal - game of mythic strategy - Thor card illustration

Thor by Monika Palosz

Each Pantheon will include eighteen character cards, divided into three Dominions of power: Earth, Sea, and Sky (more on that later.) The cards within each Dominion are sorted into increasing Levels, which determine their relative power to other cards, and when they can enter into play. So one Dominion of one Pantheon has three Level I cards, two Level II cards, and one Level III card. (6 cards x 3 Dominions = 18 cards… 18 x 4 Pantheons = 72 total cards in the Master Set!!!)

Below is the list of Norse characters included in Master Set 1:

Sky Dominion
Level III

Level II

Level I

Sea Dominion
Level III
Midgard Serpent

Immortal - game of mythic strategy - Fenrir card illustration

Fenrir by Milek Jakubiec

Level II

Level I
The Kraken

Earth Dominion
Level III

Level II

Level I


It’s very likely that a few of your favorite characters from Norse mythology are not included in this list. What that means is that we have much room for expansion! World mythology is a deep well of inspiration for a game like this. This powerful theme will allow Immortal to grow and evolve as long as players want it to. You can help shape that evolution by telling us what you want to see. What are your favorite myths and legends? Which beloved heroes and terrible monsters do you want to see go to war with the characters we’ve revealed so far?
You can also follow Immortal‘s progress over on BoardGameGeek. More to come!

– David


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Immortal - strategy game - Thor card

"Thor" character card

For those of you who have been following the development of Immortal, and for those of you who have just found out about our mythological strategy game, I have an exciting announcement: You can play the game now for FREE!

Well, almost free… Although the game is still in development (most notably missing art for many of the cards), it is fully playable, and I’m making it available for you to enjoy as a Print-N-Play. Below, you will find links to a .zip file with PDFs of all the components you need to play Immortal, and the latest version of the rule book. All you will need is access to a printer, some letter-size paper (8.5″x11″), and scissors or an exacto-knife to cut out the cards and other components (please be careful, we wouldn’t want to get blood on the cards, now would we?)


Download the rules and learn how to play:
Immortal – Rule Book (beta-test v3.0) 

Download the Print-N-Play files and join the war of the gods today!
Immortal – Print-N-Play Files  


If you do print out and play Immortal, I would LOVE to hear what you think, and get your feedback to make the game and rule book even better. You can contact me by email.

The Print-N-Play Components (all PDFs in the zipped file):

  • Rule Book 
  • 72 Character Cards (4 Pantheons x 18 cards each)
  • Card Backs
  • 16 Boards (for 8 Double-Sided Modular Board Pieces)
  • Marker Sheet with:
  •   – 4 sets of Control Tokens
  •   – Bonus Markers
  •   – Penalty Markers
  •   – Dominion Markers
  •   – Mimic Markers
  • Ability Quick Guide
  • Player Reference Cards


Some key info about Immortal:

  • Mythology Theme of epic battles between the gods, heroes, and monsters of warring pantheons.
  • For 2-4 players, with an average playing time of 20 minutes per player.
  • 4 Factions (Pantheons) based on the myths and legends of distinct world cultures, each with it’s own special abilities and asymmetrical playing style.
  • Players can create Custom Decks of hybrid Pantheons.
  • Battlefields created from Modular Board Pieces, representing the nexus of mythic realms.
  • Gameplay combines Card Battle, Area Control, and Variable Player Powers.
  • Win by capturing the most character cards from your opponents, while defending your own.
  • Preparing for a launch on Kickstarter in early 2015.
Immortal strategy game example, Act Two

Example of a 2-player game, during Act Two

That’s it for now! I’m happy to take any suggestions you would like to offer, and answer any questions you would like to ask.  🙂  More updates are coming… including new artwork, spotlights on the gameplay, and Kickstarter plans. Come back soon for more!

– David


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Hello good people…

The Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule! books are on their way! Some of our Kickstarter backers have already received their copies. Many more will be receiving them in the mail, in the next few days. Most will have their books in hand, about a month earlier than we planned.

Now, we’re probably not breaking any Kickstarter records, but I’ve got to believe that finishing early puts us in a pretty exclusive club.  🙂

We’ve got some pictures to share of the Art Book, and the fairy tale postcards which were donated to our project by The Brothers Uber:

The Art of Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule! art book, and fairy tale postcards


And thanks to backer Jamie Greene, for giving us permission to post this photo of the Coloring Books that he has already received:

Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule, cool for school coloring books

For the upper-tier Kickstarter pledges ($60 and up), Mike Maihack and I are busy signing Art Books, coloring pages in the Coloring Books, and creating the Art Prints. They will ship out very soon, and most of these backers should be receiving their packages within the next few weeks. After we’ve finished shipping the final physical rewards (in other words: soon), our backers will be receiving the Digital Editions of the books, in PDF format.

In the meantime, we’d love to hear from you when you receive your books. We want to know what you think of them! If you have photos you would like to share with us, even better!!! You can email the photos to us, and just let us know if we have permission to post them on the Kickstarter page, here on Game-O-Gami.com, and/or on our Facebook page. If you post the photos on your own social media, you can share the link with us as well.

We’re excited to hear from you!

– David

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I am very excited to reveal to you GAME-O-GAMI’s next big game in development: IMMORTAL – a game of mythic strategy!

Immortal - card game of mythic strategy - cover image

The war of the gods has begun. Born from the dreams and nightmares of mankind, legendary beings are gathering forces to crush their enemies. They have put their fate in the hands of mere mortals like yourself, granting you the power to lead them to victory. Capture your opponents’ forces, turn their powers against them, and forge your own legend!

In Immortal, ancient gods, heroes, and monsters battle for control over mythic realms. 2 to 4 players assume command of powerful pantheons summoned from world mythologies – the first of many planned master sets will feature characters from the Norse, Greek, Japanese, and Native American pantheons. Each pantheon of character cards offers unique abilities and strategies to be mastered. Battles take place on modular grid boards, representing the nexus of mythical realms. The goal of the game is to control the most cards on the board by capturing your opponents’ cards and defending your own.

Immortal - strategy card game - examples

Card Examples

During the game, players take turns placing their character cards on the spaces of the board. Each card has a distinct combination of battle strengths, represented by numbers on its four edges. When a card is placed on a space adjacent to the north, south, east, or west edge of an opponent’s card, an attack begins and the strengths on the cards’ touching edges are compared. If the attacker’s strength is greater, then the defending card is successfully captured and now fights for the attacking player. Special abilities can influence the results of an attack, and set the board up for future combos by strengthening allies, weakening enemies, and bending the normal rules of the game.

After the first battle, players upgrade their pantheon decks with more powerful cards, and expand the battlefield with additional modular boards. Victory goes to the player who controls the most cards at the end of two battles. Game variants allow players to form teams, change the rules of engagement, or play faster matches. Once players have mastered the basic strategies of the game, they can mix and match characters from different pantheons to build their own custom decks. As Immortal evolves, more pantheons will be added from the myths and legends of distinct cultures. These expansions will introduce new abilities and playing styles to the game.

Immortal - strategy card game - examples

Card Examples

Immortal has been developed, playtested, and polished over the course of three years under the former working title Legends At War. The game is designed by David Sanhueza (me), with artwork by popular fantasy concept artists Xia Taptara, Monika Palosz, Kian Ng, Grant Griffard, Milek Jakubiec, and David Sanhueza. We’re in preparation to launch the game on Kickstarter in early 2015.

More information about the game, including previews of the artwork and rules, can be found on BoardGameGeek.

I am really looking forward to revealing more about Immortal as it develops, and giving you sneak peeks at the game’s stunning artwork and strategic gameplay. If you have ideas, questions, or suggestions, then let’s get the conversation started! More coming soon,

– David


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Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule! - Team Fairy - illustration by Mike Maihack

Team Fairy in color!

Here it is! The “Team Fairy” desktop wallpaper by Mike Maihack. This illustration was made possible thanks to the success of our Coloring/Art Book project on Kickstarter, and will be added to the books.

Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule! - Team Fairy - sketch by Mike Maihack

Team Fairy sketch, by Mike Maihack.

Hi-res downloads are available from our wallpapers page.

In addition to getting the Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule! Coloring Book and Art Book ready for printing, I have also been planning my next Kickstarter project. It’s not GDFR-related, but it is something that I’ve been working on for a long time and that I’m very proud of. I am looking forward to making an announcement about that soon!
You can keep in touch and follow along with what we’re making, by liking our Facebook page:

Game-O-Gami on Facebook

You can also sign up for our newsletter, over on the side-bar of this page, to receive the BIG announcements when we have them to make. You won’t have to worry about us flooding your inbox with spam, we’ll only reach out to you when we have something really important to say.

More to come!

– David


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We did it! Thank you all so very much for supporting the Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule, Art and Coloring Books Kickstarter project. With the help of our fans, the project reached over 200% funding! We are looking forward to delivering the finished books to our Kickstarter backers, and will be keeping you updated on our progress as we get them ready for printing.

In the meantime, we’ve got an artist interview for you… in addition to doing a fantastic job finishing up the remaining Coloring Book pages, Josh Ulrich has found the time to answer a few questions so you can get to know him better. Here’s some life experience and wisdom from Josh:


David: Josh, your illustration style is very clean, with an emphasis on bold inking. How did you develop this style?

Josh: I suppose it just developed slowly over time. The biggest change came when I switched to digital inking and I was able to get much more comfortable with brush style inking.

David: Did you have any formal art training, or are you self-taught? In what ways do you feel that this education has benefited you?

Josh: I studied fine art and graphic design at a public college and I also did plenty of self-teaching. Both had a big impact on me, especially the three years of figuring drawing.



David: When did you decide that you wanted to create art professionally, and how did you go about making that happen?

Josh: About half way through college. Making it happen was really just an 8 year process of working really hard day and night until things started to work.

David: Tell us about your original comics, Newman and Jackie Rose. How did these projects come about?

Josh: Newman is my oldest running comic that has seen many evolutions and changes throughout the years. The very first iteration started out as just a test for myself to make a short comic and play around with color. From there I just kept changing the characters and getting to know them better. Jackie Rose had a bit of a similar path. I did a lot of early work on Jackie that I didn’t release, and then created a whole 100 page webcomic, all before I finally created the Jackie Rose graphic novel series that we know today. Those early comics provided me with a training ground to really learn the craft of making comics.



David: Earlier this year, you ran your own Kickstarter project. What was that like? Will you use Kickstarter again to fund future projects?

Josh: I ran Kickstarters for both Jackie Rose and Newman, and they were both great successes. My experiences with Kickstarter have been awesome and I will definitely continue to use them so long as people keep showing up to support me!

David: You have done an excellent job inking the coloring book pages for Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule! What process do you use to translate already-existing art into line drawings?

Josh: I do all my inking (line work) in a program called Manga Studio EX4, and use a Cintiq 21ux Tablet monitor for all my drawing.



David: Some of our backers may be considering a career in art, themselves. What are three important things that an aspiring artist should focus on?

Josh: 1. Work really, really hard.
2. Stay out of debt. Art doesn’t pay very well early on, but if you’re smart with your money, you can live off of little.
3. Enjoy your life. Don’t forget that this is a long process and not everything in the world is about your career. Spend time with your friends and family. Be patient, and enjoy the years of just toiling away on your own. You will look back fondly on those early years, I guarantee it.

David: What are three pitfalls that an aspiring artist should avoid like the plague?

Josh: I’ll narrow it down to one: chasing success. You can’t force fame and success. You’ll end up depressed if you go down that road because you have no control over your success. You can’t force people to fall in love with your work. Don’t focus on getting famous, just focus on getting better. Success follows the patient, hard working artist. Expect your journey to take a minimum of 5-10 years.

David: Last question, where can all of your new fans interact with you and see more of your work?

Josh: Well, you can check out my comics at http://www.jackierosecomic.com and http://www.newmancomic.com   And you can hit me up on Twitter at @JoshUlrich




Once again, a big “THANK YOU” to our community for your support. We’re looking forward to sharing progress with you on the publication of these beautiful children’s books, as well as sharing news about future Game-O-Gami projects. Stay tuned!

– Sanhueza


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UPDATE, 7/31/2014: The Kickstarter project is now live! Check it out here: Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule! – Art and Coloring Books


Goblins Drool Fairies Rule coloring book Kickstarter

David Sanhueza and Mike Maihack are once again teaming up, this time to create a coloring book based on the lively goblin and fairy characters from the hit family card game Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule! To raise the money needed to finish and print this book, we will be running a campaign on the popular crowd-funding website Kickstarter, beginning July 31st.

Mike Maihack’s beautiful paintings of goblins and fairies are being turned into clean line-art for this coloring book, by fellow comics artist Josh Ulrich. The Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule! cool for school Coloring Book will be an 8.5″x11″, 50-page, softcover book. It will also be made available in digital form as a PDF, which can be printed again and again to cover refrigerators all over the world…

Along with the coloring book, the Kickstarter campaign will be raising funds to print an unlimited, softcover edition of The Art of Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule! art book. The art book features all of the beautiful full-color illustrations from the game, as well as insights into the world of fairies and goblins, interviews with the creators (us!), and a “behind the scenes” look at the creative process that went into the unique artwork.

The Kickstarter campaign will run from July 31st until August 31st, and is being run by Game-O-Gami. We’re very excited to launch soon, and to see old and new friends alike help us make these fun books a reality!

UPDATE, 7/31/2014: The Kickstarter project is now live! Check it out here: Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule! – Art and Coloring Books  – go now, Now, NOW, NOW!  🙂


– David Luis Sanhueza


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