“Immortal” Artist Spotlight: Jonathan Torres“Immortal” Artist Spotlight: Jonathan Torres“Immortal” Artist Spotlight: Jonathan Torres“Immortal” Artist Spotlight: Jonathan Torres“Immortal” Artist Spotlight: Jonathan Torres“Immortal” Artist Spotlight: Jonathan Torres“Immortal” Artist Spotlight: Jonathan Torres“Immortal” Artist Spotlight: Jonathan Torres“Immortal” Artist Spotlight: Jonathan Torres
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Hello friends and fans of Game-O-Gami, and Happy 2017 to you! As we ramp up to Immortal‘s upcoming release this year, I’ll be presenting you with previews of the intense gameplay and amazing artwork you will find in the game. Today, we have a spotlight on one of Immortal’s card artists.

Meet Jonathan Torres. Jonathan is a self taught artist from the USA, with a bright future ahead of him. He is driven and motivated, and has a great attitude towards the creative process. You can see more of Jonathan’s excellent character and environment paintings, in his portfolio.

Below are some of the characters that Jon has illustrated for Immortal: “Nuadha of the silver arm” (Celtic mythology), “Harpies” (Greek mythology), “Tengu” (Japanese mythology), and “Koress” (a special custom card pledged for by one of Immortal’s Kickstarter backers.)

For more of the deluxe artwork that we have been creating for Immortal, visit our gallery page.


Copies of Immortal: Master Set One, the Roman Pantheon and Promo Card Packs, the Art Book, and the Mythology Playing Cards can be pre-ordered on our store page. Pre-orders come with free shipping in the USA, and a reduced price off the MSRP! Immortal is due to be delivered to Kickstarter backers and Pre-Order customers a little later this year, and then released to retail stores shortly after.

Stay tuned for more previews and announcements! Happy gaming,

David Luis Sanhueza
Founder, Creative Director

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Happy New Year

On behalf of Game-O-Gami, I would like to wish you a Happy New Year, Prospero Año Nuevo, Yoi Otoshi Wo, etc, etc…  2015 has been a big year for Game-O-Gami as indie game developers, and we will be working very hard to make sure that 2016 is even bigger and brighter!

Art Progress

The stretch goal Kickstarter project for Immortal this past October was a success, thanks to our dedicated fans and supporters! Since then, we have been working on the artwork for Immortal‘s two new pantheons (Celtic and Egyptian mythologies), and have made excellent progress. A few new artists have been brought onto the project to help finish the remaining illustrations for the game, art book, and playing cards.

The first of these is Andrei Pervukhin, an extremely talented artist from Russia. Below are a few of the new characters from world mythology that he has contributed to this project: Sobek, Osiris, and Khnum from the Egyptian pantheon, and Great Turtle from the American pantheon.

Immortal strategy game character art by Andrei Pervukhin

Andrei really knows how to capture the feel of different environments, and is particularly good at painting water and textures. You can see more of Andrei’s excellent artwork in his portfolio.

The second new illustrator for Immortal is a versatile digital artist from China, who goes by the pen name RING. Below are a few of the character illustrations that he has recently contributed: Amaterasu (Japanese sun goddess), the Banshee (Celtic harbinger of death), Hathor (Egyptian goddess of love and motherhood), and Spider Grandmother (American creation spirit).

Immortal strategy game character art by RING

His brush and color techniques are really impressive, as is his ability to quickly grasp and sketch out a concept. You can see more examples of his skills in his portfolio.

If your eyes are hungry for more of the deluxe artwork that we are creating for Immortal, you can visit our gallery page.


If you or your friends would like to own this game, you can pre-order Immortal: Master Set One, the add-on card packs, the standard edition art book, and the mythology playing cards on our store page.

Immortal is due to be delivered to Kickstarter backers and Pre-Order customers in spring 2017, and then released to retail stores shortly after.

We will be sharing more of the artwork and game design previews that we have been working on for Immortal, as we build up to our mid-year release of the board game. Once again, Happy New Year!

David Luis Sanhueza
Founder, Creative Director


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Game-O-Gami is excited to announce our latest project! Immortal – An Art Book of Myths and Legends from around the World is now on Kickstarter, where you can order your copy of the Standard Edition book, or the signed and dedicated Deluxe Edition.
Immortal Art Book of Myths and Legends on Kickstarter

Immortal – An Art Book of Myths and Legends from around the World – is a book project featuring full-page illustrations of mythological gods, heroes, and monsters from various world cultures. This artwork is being created by talented and trending fantasy concept artists, including Xia Taptara, Monika Palosz, Kian Ng, Grant Griffard, Milek Jakubiec, and David Sanhueza. Accompanying these breath-taking illustrations are the myths which inspired them, interpreted and written by David Sanhueza.


The goal of the art direction for Immortal is to combine high fantasy concepts with an impressionistic style, based on loose brushstrokes and moody, realistic light and colors. Somewhat like a mix between the styles of the late masters Frank Frazetta and John Singer Sargent. The ancient myths that this book has drawn inspiration from are often dark and dangerous… and so the artwork has been created to capture that dark and dangerous atmosphere.


We are really excited to share this project with other mythology buffs and lovers of great artwork! By pledging your support, you can make this unique book a reality. You can help us share this amazing project with an even wider audience, through word of mouth, and by supporting our social media campaign on Facebook.

This is just a 2-week crowdfunding campaign, ending on May 21st. So reserve your copy fast!

– Sanhueza

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Hello good people…

The Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule! books are on their way! Some of our Kickstarter backers have already received their copies. Many more will be receiving them in the mail, in the next few days. Most will have their books in hand, about a month earlier than we planned.

Now, we’re probably not breaking any Kickstarter records, but I’ve got to believe that finishing early puts us in a pretty exclusive club.  🙂

We’ve got some pictures to share of the Art Book, and the fairy tale postcards which were donated to our project by The Brothers Uber:

The Art of Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule! art book, and fairy tale postcards


And thanks to backer Jamie Greene, for giving us permission to post this photo of the Coloring Books that he has already received:

Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule, cool for school coloring books

For the upper-tier Kickstarter pledges ($60 and up), Mike Maihack and I are busy signing Art Books, coloring pages in the Coloring Books, and creating the Art Prints. They will ship out very soon, and most of these backers should be receiving their packages within the next few weeks. After we’ve finished shipping the final physical rewards (in other words: soon), our backers will be receiving the Digital Editions of the books, in PDF format.

In the meantime, we’d love to hear from you when you receive your books. We want to know what you think of them! If you have photos you would like to share with us, even better!!! You can email the photos to us, and just let us know if we have permission to post them on the Kickstarter page, here on Game-O-Gami.com, and/or on our Facebook page. If you post the photos on your own social media, you can share the link with us as well.

We’re excited to hear from you!

– David

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We did it! Thank you all so very much for supporting the Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule, Art and Coloring Books Kickstarter project. With the help of our fans, the project reached over 200% funding! We are looking forward to delivering the finished books to our Kickstarter backers, and will be keeping you updated on our progress as we get them ready for printing.

In the meantime, we’ve got an artist interview for you… in addition to doing a fantastic job finishing up the remaining Coloring Book pages, Josh Ulrich has found the time to answer a few questions so you can get to know him better. Here’s some life experience and wisdom from Josh:


David: Josh, your illustration style is very clean, with an emphasis on bold inking. How did you develop this style?

Josh: I suppose it just developed slowly over time. The biggest change came when I switched to digital inking and I was able to get much more comfortable with brush style inking.

David: Did you have any formal art training, or are you self-taught? In what ways do you feel that this education has benefited you?

Josh: I studied fine art and graphic design at a public college and I also did plenty of self-teaching. Both had a big impact on me, especially the three years of figuring drawing.



David: When did you decide that you wanted to create art professionally, and how did you go about making that happen?

Josh: About half way through college. Making it happen was really just an 8 year process of working really hard day and night until things started to work.

David: Tell us about your original comics, Newman and Jackie Rose. How did these projects come about?

Josh: Newman is my oldest running comic that has seen many evolutions and changes throughout the years. The very first iteration started out as just a test for myself to make a short comic and play around with color. From there I just kept changing the characters and getting to know them better. Jackie Rose had a bit of a similar path. I did a lot of early work on Jackie that I didn’t release, and then created a whole 100 page webcomic, all before I finally created the Jackie Rose graphic novel series that we know today. Those early comics provided me with a training ground to really learn the craft of making comics.



David: Earlier this year, you ran your own Kickstarter project. What was that like? Will you use Kickstarter again to fund future projects?

Josh: I ran Kickstarters for both Jackie Rose and Newman, and they were both great successes. My experiences with Kickstarter have been awesome and I will definitely continue to use them so long as people keep showing up to support me!

David: You have done an excellent job inking the coloring book pages for Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule! What process do you use to translate already-existing art into line drawings?

Josh: I do all my inking (line work) in a program called Manga Studio EX4, and use a Cintiq 21ux Tablet monitor for all my drawing.



David: Some of our backers may be considering a career in art, themselves. What are three important things that an aspiring artist should focus on?

Josh: 1. Work really, really hard.
2. Stay out of debt. Art doesn’t pay very well early on, but if you’re smart with your money, you can live off of little.
3. Enjoy your life. Don’t forget that this is a long process and not everything in the world is about your career. Spend time with your friends and family. Be patient, and enjoy the years of just toiling away on your own. You will look back fondly on those early years, I guarantee it.

David: What are three pitfalls that an aspiring artist should avoid like the plague?

Josh: I’ll narrow it down to one: chasing success. You can’t force fame and success. You’ll end up depressed if you go down that road because you have no control over your success. You can’t force people to fall in love with your work. Don’t focus on getting famous, just focus on getting better. Success follows the patient, hard working artist. Expect your journey to take a minimum of 5-10 years.

David: Last question, where can all of your new fans interact with you and see more of your work?

Josh: Well, you can check out my comics at http://www.jackierosecomic.com and http://www.newmancomic.com   And you can hit me up on Twitter at @JoshUlrich




Once again, a big “THANK YOU” to our community for your support. We’re looking forward to sharing progress with you on the publication of these beautiful children’s books, as well as sharing news about future Game-O-Gami projects. Stay tuned!

– Sanhueza


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UPDATE, 7/31/2014: The Kickstarter project is now live! Check it out here: Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule! – Art and Coloring Books


Goblins Drool Fairies Rule coloring book Kickstarter

David Sanhueza and Mike Maihack are once again teaming up, this time to create a coloring book based on the lively goblin and fairy characters from the hit family card game Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule! To raise the money needed to finish and print this book, we will be running a campaign on the popular crowd-funding website Kickstarter, beginning July 31st.

Mike Maihack’s beautiful paintings of goblins and fairies are being turned into clean line-art for this coloring book, by fellow comics artist Josh Ulrich. The Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule! cool for school Coloring Book will be an 8.5″x11″, 50-page, softcover book. It will also be made available in digital form as a PDF, which can be printed again and again to cover refrigerators all over the world…

Along with the coloring book, the Kickstarter campaign will be raising funds to print an unlimited, softcover edition of The Art of Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule! art book. The art book features all of the beautiful full-color illustrations from the game, as well as insights into the world of fairies and goblins, interviews with the creators (us!), and a “behind the scenes” look at the creative process that went into the unique artwork.

The Kickstarter campaign will run from July 31st until August 31st, and is being run by Game-O-Gami. We’re very excited to launch soon, and to see old and new friends alike help us make these fun books a reality!

UPDATE, 7/31/2014: The Kickstarter project is now live! Check it out here: Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule! – Art and Coloring Books  – go now, Now, NOW, NOW!  🙂


– David Luis Sanhueza


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In today’s exciting update, I have some GDFR!-related preview images to show you. The Art of Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule! is an 8.5” x 11” casebound hardcover book, printed in premium color on white archival paper. Here are a few pages from this limited edition hardcover book, revealing some of the painting process and revisions that went into the artwork:

The Art of Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule! is currently available for order, and will start shipping in September. Get your hands on this beautifully produced showcase of artwork, written by Mike Maihack and David Sanhueza. The GDFR double-sided jigsaw puzzle is also available for order from Game Salute.

We’re looking forward to putting out another update soon, when we get news of Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule! game copies arriving in New York! Until then,

– David


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